Charlie Contour
Charlie Contour
General Information
Full name Charlie Contour
Nickname(s) Char
Gender Female
Resides in Los Angles, California
Occupation Mystery Girls Detective Agency {above Flush}
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Affiliations Formerly Veronica Grant on the 90's crime drama "Mystery Girls"
Family and Friends
Children Demi Contour
Romances Michael Contour
Friends Holly Hamilton Nick Diaz
Production Information
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance The Killer Returns
Portrayed by Jennie Garth
Charlie Contour is one of the main characters in the series, Mystery Girls. She is a former actress turned suburban housewife and stay at home mom turned detective.


Practical, tough and witty when she needs to be, Charlie once co-starred in “Mystery Girls,” the highest-rated program of the ‘90s as Veronica Grant, alongside Holly Hamilton. Since the show’s end, she’s become a suburban housewife juggling her husband Michael, daughter Demi and household duties, and she has little patience for anything that takes her away from that life. Clad in “mom jeans” she reluctantly reunites with Holly to encourage the world’s biggest “Mystery Girls” fan to tell the cops about a murder he witnessed. She has no intention of joining in Holly’s crazy scheme of starting a real-life detective agency until she sees that the new venture may help up her cool factor with her daughter. In fact, Charlie might end up finding it pretty awesome herself.

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